Below are images that display what cosmetic dentistry can do for your smile.


Old crowns and stains Fixed in two weeks

Old, faulty crowns, dark & stained fillings, slight gum recession, smile improvement – fixed in only 2 weeks!

Acryllics fell off the bridge Bonded repairs in just 45 minutes

Acryllics fell off the bridge – bonded repairs in just 45 minutes.

Broken tooth Veneers

She broke her front tooth one month before her wedding – two front teeth veneers solved her problem.


Old silver fillings replaced with tooth colored fillings.

No matter how aggressive earlier filling work, we can replace and restore.

Gold fillings can be replaced and the tooth restored to a natural look.

Amalgam side fillings can be replaced as well.

Even difficult areas between teeth can be fixed.

No matter the amount of decay, we can restore the natural look.

Old amalgam is removed and the bite restored.


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